Stolen Obsession

Written by Marlene M. Bell ⎮ Narrated by Katina Kalin

Author: Marlene M. Bell
Narrator: Katina Kalin
Length: 9 hours and 38 minutes
Series: Annalisse Series, Book 1
Publisher: Ewephoric
Released: Nov. 28, 2018
Genre: Mystery

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Willow's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Marlene M. Bell, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Marlene!

Marlene Bell created a novel to remember—the suspense, romance, drama, heartache, betrayal, murder, greed, and triumph riddled the pages of Stolen Obsession with page-turning excitement! Bell does have a knack for believable and endearing character creations and a profound ability to write a fictional story with gritty realism.

Annalisse, the lead protagonist, worked as an antiquities appraiser in New York and led a reasonably normal life. Or at least, as normal as working in the art world in New York City would allow. Annalisse’s life changes rapidly due to the sudden and eventful murder of her dearest and a best friend named Sam. Heart-broken and determined to help solve the murder, her life took a dramatic turn that eventuated to finding a 500-year-old missing bracelet that belonged to Sam that is imbued with a tale that few could possibly imagine. Allegedly the bracelet carried an ancient curse that will pommel the wearer with unspeakable evil and tragic events.

PTSD had affected Annalisse’s mental status from the traumatic events that had ensued. And she decided to direct her energy into working on catching the hellish murderer via her dedicated efforts and relentless detective work.  Annlisse met the dashingly handsome self-proclaimed playboy Greek god named Alec Zavos with a body that was the embodiment of the perfect male specimen. The two began their romantic encounters fairly soon after meeting—with flirty yet, fairly steamy dialogue to accompany the implied adult activities.

Narrator Katina Kalin did a brilliant job bringing the characters to life with realistic vocal inflections, cadence, that were accompanied long with changing accents to bring life-like realism to the many different characters throughout the chapters. Most of the cast are quite distinguishable with the vocal effort Kalin has put forth into their narratives.

Stolen Obsession was well-written with plot twists that will surely motivate the majority of readers to stay up past bedtime to see what happens next between solving a heinous crime or the steamy romantic relationship between Annalisse and Alec.

As the title eluded, Stolen Obsession is the first in the series. The following book is titled Spent Identity! Happy listening!

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