Audiobookworm Reviews

The newest addition to the Audiobookworm brand

Jess the Audiobookworm has been shaking things up in the audio community since 2016. Audiobookworm Promotions, the first virtual book tour company to operate exclusively within audiobook industry, has run hundreds of audiobook blog tours, promoted thousands of titles and secured reviews for audiobooks in nearly every genre imaginable.

For Audiobookworm Reviews, the newest member of the Audiobookworm family, Jess has hand-selected and vetted a team of more than 20 audiobook reviewers to provide you with honest, high-quality, and insightful promotional reviews.


Reviews posted here will always be honest and unbiased. Those submitting titles for reviews do not have direct contact with reviewers and do not know which reviewer has selected their title until the review is posted. Reviewers are never encouraged or influenced to provide a certain rating. Care is taken to preserve the integrity of the review during the entire process.


You will never find a three line review here. All reviews posted must be of a certain length and quality. Review team members are aware of these review standards before applying to the team and must agree with them in order to receive audiobooks through us. If a particular review does not meet our standards of quality, it is returned to the reviewer for revision. Additionally, all reviews are proofread and optimized before being publicly posted.


We pride our reviews on being insightful, not mere regurgitations of the synopsis. The ultimate goal of Audiobookworm Reviews is to provide you with a review you can use to promote your audiobook, hence the term promotional reviews.

We believe there is an audience for every audiobook. Our reviewers will never "trash" an audiobook. In cases where a reviewer does not connect personally with a title, they are asked to critique and analyze in an objective manner. For example, if the reviewer is not in the target audience for this title, who might be?

Reviews will always provide analysis of the narration and overall listening experience of the audiobook.