Update 2/8/22: Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions on this page and our inability to process them all, we are currently no longer excepting free review submissions.

If you wish to submit for an advertising placementSpotlight Feature or Express Review, those submissions will be considered. Please use the code 25OFF2022 for 25% off an ad placement with us.

The title you submit here will be presented to the Audiobookworm Review Team for general consideration for four weeks. If it is not selected for review, you can submit this title again in six months.

If selected, the review team member will be asked to post an honest review of your title within 6 weeks of selection. It should be noted that selection does not guarantee a positive review, only an honest one. The review will appear under the appropriate genre's review tab on this website and in the newsletter.

If this does not fit your needs, you may want to consider the VIP Placement option, which prioritizes your title, provides an enhanced review page on the website, and places the review on the homepage, or an Express Review option, which fast tracks your title for a 2-week review.

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