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Audiobookworm Reviews has several available ad placement options.

Each ad will link to a webpage of your choice (i.e. Amazon, Audible, etc.).  All ads are personally designed by Jess the Audiobookworm and will be sent to you for approval prior to placement. Ad design services are included in the ad placement fee. You may submit examples of previous ads to the design team, but Audiobookworm Reviews will have final approval on all ads placed on its website.

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#1- Home Page Slider

The banner on the home page transforms into a slider. When activated, the images alternate every so many seconds. This slider is the first thing visitors see when viewing the Audiobookworm Reviews website.

$70/7 days⎮$125/14 days⎮$250/30 days


#2- Home Page Banner

Multiple banner spaces are available on the home page, in between the various sections seen there. The banner will be approximately 700px wide (horizontally).

$55/7 days⎮$90/14 days⎮$165/30 days


#3- Footer

Up to six ad spaces are available on the home page, just after the main content, but still within the lighter area. Sizes for these ads will depend on space in that area, but will most likely be restricted to audiobook covers. Please note that the ad space is larger than it appears above.

$35/7 days⎮$60/14 days⎮$100/30 days

Because of the high degree of versatility in this area, ad sizes and rates are subject to change depending upon these factors. Ads in these spaces will be visible throughout the website.


#4- Post-Footer

One to two ad spaces are available just after the footer content, within the darker area. Ads in these spaces will be visible throughout the website. Please note that the ad space is larger than it appears in the image above.

$40/7 days⎮$75/14 days⎮$135/30 days

Ad Placement

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Submit your audiobook to be considered for review by the Audiobookworm Review Team.  Reviews will be posted on the website and in the newsletter.

In a hurry to get reviews? An Express Review grants a two-week turnaround review time. It can be combined with a VIP Placement to get you on our front page faster.

Spotlights give you the best of everything: A full-page ad  + front-page exposure + review consideration for just $35! It can even be combined with an Express Review at a discount.

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