Bones & Drones

Written by K.A. Goodspell ⎮ Narrated by Carrie Coello

Author: K.A. Goodsell
Narrator: Carrie Coello
Length: 7 hours and 18 minutes
Series: Bones & Drones Series: A Pine Grove Mystery, Book 1
Publisher: Jasper Joshua West
Released: Nov. 29, 2019
Genre: Mystery

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Hanging out in a cemetery isn’t every girl’s idea of a good time, but for Paislee Grimes, the dead can be the best company.

Raised in the sleepy Connecticut town of Pine Grove by an undertaker and a coroner, Paislee has seen more than her fair share of death, and she’s right at home amid the morbid and macabre.

She’s happy enough to spend her last months before college cobbling together a history of the place she loves most and studying the lives of the people buried in her backyard, but when the body of a classmate turns up face down in the lake, it’s Paislee’s time to shine.

Armed with a fierce drive and a gift for forensic anthropology, Paislee dives headfirst into the biggest shock Pine Grove has ever seen.

Suddenly, everyone is a suspect - friends, love interests, and even the mayor. And in a community as tight-knit as hers, no one wants to believe the killer could be one of their own.

But where there’s a murder, there’s a murderer, and with more questions than answers, it’s beginning to look like Paislee is the only one who can connect the dots.

Sophia's Review

4 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its publisher,  K.A. Goodsell, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, K.A.!

A body at the lake turns young Paislee’s thoughts from college admission to investigation in a heartbeat. Reared by an undertaker and a coroner, Paislee is comfortable with the dead and her favorite place to hang out is the local cemetery visiting with the graves of those long since passed. She also enjoys helping her father work on cold cases using her historical and cemetery research hobbies to solve the cases. But now, the mayor is in an election year and wants the cased solved swiftly so he brings together Paislee with a surprising partner who uses tech to work on a case that is definitely not cold.

Bones and Drones was an engaging surprise. I liked the idea of a teen who is not typical by any stretch working to solve a murder. Well, she is typical in some ways since she thinks and acts her age, but has a unique skill set and interests which her supportive parents encourage. This was right up my alley because I grew up with similar interests- at least in cemeteries and town histories.

The story is a mystery at the core, but the mystery is only one of the elements. This is also a teenager’s life story, too. Paislee in transition to college, figuring out relationships with guys, navigating home life, prepping for her career, and learning to be part of a team.

At first, I was enjoying the story, but felt it was only moderately engaging. For me, the entrance of her partner-competition in solving the case, Gage, was the element needed to make the story have some sparkle. Paislee seemed to have things her own way because she is unique, but now she is forced to learn that another person has connected interests and can contribute strongly. It was fun seeing Gage confuse and amuse her out of her Lone Ranger attitude that included a sense of superiority.

The mystery itself stayed background to the set up of the story for the longest time, but it all built to those riveting moments near the end. I had no idea who or why and could only follow along. Things are left dangling, but this is a series that progresses the story into the next book.

Carrie Coello is a new to me narrator. She was a perfect match for a teen girl main character and a wide range of voices from both genders surrounding Paislee. She nails the tone and paced the story well especially as it got near the end. The book was enhanced by her audio work.

In summary, it was an amusing coming of age blended with small town murder mystery that will continue on in a series of books. I can definitely recommend it to YA mystery fans.

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