Written by Kim Cresswell & M. K. Chester ⎮ Narrated by Jennifer Swanepoel

Author: Kim Cresswell, M. K. Chester
Narrator: Jennifer Swanepoel
Length: 7 hours and 33 minutes
Publisher: KC Publishing
Released: Aug. 22, 2019
Genre: Dystopian; Young Adult

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Susan's Review

4.25 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Kim Cresswell, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Kim!

Icehaven jumps right into the action. August Madison's father thinks he's figured out how to combat global warming. At a much anticipated presentation, things go very wrong and August wakes up to a very cold and frozen world where a nurse is trying to steal her boots. Ha! Not the wake up call she was expecting.

August has little time to take in what has happened, let alone mourn her missing and presumed dead family. Off and running to a place of temporary safety, it's not long before bullets are flying and bodies are droppings. There's a few havens of human settlement but there are also roving bands of scavengers, like the Sproggs.

Eventually, August and what's left of the original band of humans she met up with end up at Icehaven, a domed city that seems secure and a good place to be. However, the guy running it (Greyson Marx), isn't a decent fellow. He's the source of much pain and angst.

The authors did a great job of humanizing the main bad guys. Even Greyson's motivations make sense, even if I don't condone them. He's got a very sick daughter and much of what he does, while complimentary to his huge ego, are for his daughter's safety.

I loved the pace of Icehaven and the setting even as I questioned some of the details. August didn't really mourn her lost family nor her lost world and I felt that was a little off. Another thing was that Greyson wanted to impose some really radical rules, such as everyone having the same haircut and no movies or books, as well as extremes for population control and I didn't feel we had his reasoning explained well. Do you smell an uprising in the future? Yep! Greyson would be smarter if he allowed some basic entertainments. A bored population is a dangerous population.

Some of those that survived the horrible accident now have paranormal abilities and an odd blood signature, which was a nice twist. These new abilities include mind reading, prescience, and lighting things on fire. Creepiest of all? That goes to Greyson's daughter. I also liked the addition of the Coast Guards. They provided some much needed stability and muscle for the good guys. All around, Icehaven was a pretty good book, once I got into it.

Narration Review
Jennifer Swanepoel gave a really good narration. She had a young lady's voice for August that I felt was spot on. She also put effort into regional accents that were a fun addition. Her creepy voice for Greyson's daughter was excellently done. Her voice could use a little more masculinity for the guys but I could still tell all the characters apart. The pacing was perfect. There were no technical issues with this recording.

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