Union of Fire

Written by C.B. Vaughn⎮ Narrated by Aven Shore

Author: C.B. Vaughn
Narrator: Aven Shore
Length: 17 hours 22 minutes
Series: The Fire Series, Book 2
Publisher: Audiobooks Unleashed
Released: May 20, 2021
Genre: Fantasy

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Seven years after the defeat of Beldazon, Dorian and his friends encounter an even greater threat. A union of wrathful dragons, each of its members pining to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, vow to bring Zannondale to its knees. Dorian and his friends must stop this new threat, before it consumes the land in a wrathful fire of revenge.

Meet the Author: C.B. Vaughn

C. B. Vaughn is an author of fantasy fiction in the Fire series. He has also written short stories and s and full-length books in the horror, paranormal, and romance categories.

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