Missing Charlie

Written by Jess K. Hardy⎮ Narrated by Kennedy Elsey

Author: Jess K. Hardy
Narrator: Kennedy Elsey
Length: 6 hours 36 minutes
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Released: Marr. 24, 2021
Genre: Romantic Fantasy; Humor

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First kisses are magic, just not always the good kind.

Folk singer Nona May Taylor had it all until a jealous witch cursed her into old age after a kiss she barely remembers. Now she's traded her fame and fortune for a secluded cabin in the Montana wilderness.

When she finds an injured hiker in her woods, she knows cute and charming Charlie is her last chance to find true love, the only thing that will break the curse.

But Charlie has secrets, something is lurking in the woods around the cabin, and as Nona grows younger, the witch grows suspicious. Before winter's end, Nona will have to decide how hard she is willing to fight to win her life back, and how much she is willing to risk for true love.

A Montana transplant who has her roots in deep, Jess K Hardy is a lover of mountains and snow, long nights and fireplaces. She has been a sandwich artist, a student, a horse trainer, a physical therapist, a wife, a mother, and also a writer. She writes speculative and contemporary adult romance and is the author of the forthcoming fantasy romance MISSING CHARLIE, the sci-fi romance LOVE IN THE TIME OF WORMHOLES, and the LGBTQ romance novella THE BENCH.

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