The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender

Written by WS Carmichael⎮ Narrated by Sarah Vaughan

Author: WS Carmichael
Narrator: Sarah Vaughan
Length: 6 hours 45 minutes
Publisher: WS Carmichael
Released: June 29, 2021
Genre: Romance

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Ava Moreland has it all planned out. In two months, she will marry her fiancé, Tim. She’ll continue working at Vegas’ famous Cosmopolitan bar while he runs his father’s accounting firm. Soon, they’ll start a family, and she’ll have the white picket life she’s always dreamed of.

Or not.

When her fairytale engagement implodes in a devastating display, Ava embarks on a quest to reclaim her identity and feminine prowess - by sleeping her way through Las Vegas. With her best friend, Jarrod, acting as wingman her plan is foolproof.

Or not.

Nothing goes as planned with hilariously disastrous results. Her sexual misadventures will keep you in stitches as Ava searches for herself in Sin City, finding her happily ever after in the unlikeliest of places.

Meet the Author: WS Carmichael

W.S. Carmichael is the mother of three busy young adults and two adorable doggies, full time nurse, avid sportswoman, daughter, sister and friend extraordinaire and part time (hoping one day to be full time) author.

Alright, not really. While she does strive for all of the above, she's usually exhausted and is perpetually late. She forgets more than she remembers, there's almost always a protective layer of dust on her furniture and sometimes she really doesn't care if the kids eat cereal for dinner.

But she does love her family and is eternally grateful for the support they offer while she writes her heart out. Her first three books in the Laurel Creek series, At Long Last, Never Say Never Again and Forever My Always are available in both paperback and ebook formats. Her newest release, The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender, is a laugh-a-minute, fun read you won't want to miss. It's available in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

She's especially thankful to her fans. Without all of you, her dreams of becoming an author would still be languishing in a tattered notebook somewhere.

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