Let the Swine Go Forth

Written by Auriel Roe⎮ Narrated by Adrian J. Landers

Author: Auriel Roe
Narrator: Adrian J. Landers
Length: 12 hours 14 minutes
Publisher: Dogberry Books
Released: Oct. 29, 2021
Genre: Fantasy

Let the Swine Go Forth by Auriel Roe | Audiobook | Audible.com

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Out of the blue, a failed actor turned drama teacher, Tristram Randolph, has greatness thrust upon him in the form of the top job as headmaster at a new school in the dysfunctional capital of a despotic post-Soviet state. Swineforth International, a franchise of a third-rate public school in England, is out in the desert, and there's no escape as the foreign faculty have had their passports confiscated. To make matters worse, Randolph and his motley crew of teachers, each of whom embodies one of the seven deadly sins, gradually fall victim to their own vices. Things come to a head when a revolution breaks out, the school is shut down, and Randolph is accused of aiding and abetting the rebellion. His only hope lies in winning a presidential pardon with the performance of a lifetime.

Meet the Author: Auriel Roe

Auriel Roe is an editor of memoirist.org, the home for high quality literary memoir writing.

Her debut novel Blindefellows was Amazon #1 in humour in UK, US and Canada. It has been translated into Spanish and Italian and is also an audiobook.

A Young Lady's Miscellany , a humorous memoir of a troubled adolescence, is now available. 

Auriel created the Jane Goodall eightieth birthday portrait and is a Royal Academy shortlisted artist.

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