Out of Kilter

Written by Sandy Hyatt-James⎮ Narrated by Tej Lander

Author: Sandy Hyatt-James
Narrator: Tej Lander
Length: 9 hours 13 minutes
Publisher: Author's Republic
Released: Feb. 13, 2021
Genre: Science Fiction; Post-Apocalyptic

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Britain - sometime in the future. Law and order has broken down and people are fighting each other for the country's dwindling supply of food. Most of the Government have decamped to the Scilly Isles to avoid the riots.

Linden Tallis, a champion archer, unwillingly becomes the custodian of R311, a deadly killing agent, courtesy of her scientist brother. MI6 officer Jack Ormond tries to take the agent from her, to keep it out of the hands of Colonel John March, a fascist dictator, who plans to take over the country. But Linden doesn't trust Jack and as a consequence the Colonel manages to get the R311 from her.

Linden, Jack, the prime minister and several others team up in an attempt to retrieve the R311 from the Colonel, who will use the agent to gain and keep control. Enduring hunger and hardship in their quest to remove the Colonel from power, and knowing they are no match for his fighting machine, their fight seems hopeless...until using their wits and courage, they embark on an outrageous offensive that might just succeed.

Meet the Author: Sandy Hyatt-James

Sandy Hyatt-James is an English woman living in Bulgaria, where she used to teach English as a foreign language. She was educated at Ruskin college, Oxford. After this, she spent eleven years as a child protection social worker, with the last three being in management.

She has written five novels and is currently working on her sixth. She can't remember a time when she wasn't writing and amuses herself with the thought that she will probably be working on the draft of something, the day she 'shuffles off'.

When she isn't writing, she enjoys classical ballet and classical music. However, she admits to getting as much enjoyment from listening to Jimi Hendrix and Queen. Lastly, Sandy loves dogs. She owns four and would have more if time and space permitted.

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