Fear Is Fuel

Written Patrick J. Sweeney II⎮ Narrated by Lou Merloni & Patrick Sweeney

Author: Patrick J. Sweeney II
Narrators: Lou Merloni, Patrick Sweeney
Length: 13 hours 33 minutes
Publisher: ODIN Air Productions
Released: Mar. 1, 2021
Genre: Self-Development

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Wall Street Journal best seller, Fear Is Fuel is changing lives around the globe. Find out why this is a must-have for anyone wanting the most out of their life.

Fear, the most powerful force in our life, is the least understood. Every one of us experiences it. Many arrange their lives to avoid it. Yet nearly every one of us needs to find more fear.

Change your relationship with fear, and you will change your life, like thousands of people around the world have. Most of us know fear as the unwanted force that drives phobias, anxieties, unhappiness, and inhibits self-actualization. Ironically, fear is the underlying phenomenon that heightens awareness and optimizes physical performance and can drive ambition, courage, and success. Harnessing fear can heighten emotional intelligence and bring success to every aspect of your life.

Neuroscience and current research on how the brain processes and uses fear have torn the lid off the possibilities of human performance, yet most people are not reaching their complete potential because of a psychological roadblock Sweeney calls the "Fear Frontier". Identifying your Fear Frontier and addressing it, as Sweeney illustrates in this book, is the path to success, happiness and fulfillment in almost all aspects of your life. He also provides the most effective steps toward rewiring your mind for a healthier, longer life based on courage.

Fear Is Fuel is a practical guide that directs everyone, including business and military leaders, activists, humanitarians, and educators, onto a unique path toward translating fear into optimal living. By facing fears, and challenging new ones, listeners can harness the power of unique motivations to achieve more, experience more, and enjoy more. The path to a fulfilling life is not to avoid fear, but to recognize it, understand it, harness it, and unleash its power.

Katina's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Patrick J. Sweeney II, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Patrick!

Fear is Fuel is a must read, or in this case listen to!

The audiobook of Fear is Fuel was excellent. Patrick Sweeney and Lou Merloni created a duet narration making the book come alive. I have not listened to either of these narrators before. Outstanding, storytelling performance. I felt as if I was pulled into the story myself. I enjoyed the switch between listening to a story and then hearing interviews with other participants. Their excitement engaged me into wanting to learn more. Not only did I hear the life of someone that lives with anxiety like myself, but learned many tools to make my own future better. My favorite quote was, "live a life created by you instead of a life that happens to you." Listening to the book allowed me to close my eyes and really visualize the directions being explained. I was impressed with the sound quality as others started to join in. I was grateful the narrator pointed out that one section they were involved on a zoom call, so I could understand any background noise.

The overall experience was amazing. I am excited to say I will be listening to this book multiple times. Fear is Fuel was packed with a lot of helpful information. I did become concerned when I heard there were diagrams to refer to. Luckily it was not a problem though because whatever diagram was in the book was expertly explained, so I do not feel I missed out on anything not having the hardcopy in my hand. I have already recommended this book a variety of people. Not just individuals who deal with anxiety because I feel the knowledge in this book will help everyone understand how to cope through any type of stressful situation. Thank you narrators for making the book come alive.

Meet the Author: Patrick J. Sweeney II

Patrick J. Sweeney II has been dubbed the “Fear Guru” for his work with more than 500 global CEOs, actors, professional athletes, Navy SEALs and corporations. He inspires 25,000 people each year through keynote speeches teaching tools to live the biggest, most fulfilling life possible. He also lectures at leading universities from Harvard Business School to University of Virginia. His goal was to write the ultimate self confidence book to help millions learn to use fear as fuel.

He was the founder and CEO of four technology companies, holds seven patents, produced award-winning adventure documentary films and is an angel investor in more than 30 start-ups. Before earning a top tier MBA, he placed second in the Olympic Trials in rowing and is the only person to ever summit Mt Elbrus, Mt Kilimanjaro, and Everest Base Camp by bicycle and in 2018 won the Race Across America in a four-person team. He was the Chairman of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Sports & Entertainment Network, appeared on CNBC, CNN, Good Morning America, Fox News and the Today Show. Patrick sits on the board of advisors for Trinity College Dublin. He is a licensed commercial pilot and competes in competitive aerobatics. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts and Chamonix, France with his wife, three children and two dogs.

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