Who’s There?

Written by Dimas Rio ⎮ Narrated by Bill Allender

A Collection of Stories

Author: Dimas Rio
Narrator: Bill Allender
Length: 3 hours and 48 minutes
Publisher: Dimas Rio
Released: May 8, 2020
Genre: Thriller, Anthology

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Willow's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Dimas Rio, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Dimas!

Who's There? is a tastefully well-written and well-narrated collection of five fictional horror stories that are most likely suitable for mature audiences with a taste for psychologically terrorizing short horror delivered with intrigue, versus the common gory/scary horror writing styles. Author Dima Rios has a gift for fictional horror writing; his parallel descriptions, haunting details, and ability to deliver dark tales with quality writing far exceed most modern authors within the horror genre. Also, he brilliantly wove aspects of the supernatural world into each of the stories. Strange creatures, night terrors, monsters, ghosts, and frightening demons add a psychological coordinate and perhaps the greatest demon humanity has to face: Its own mind. The human brain where all is created may be our greatest horrifying downfall.

Modern-day Indonesia was the backdrop for Who's There, At Dusk, The Wandering, The Voice Canal, and The Forest Protector. Each of these stories has its unique cast of characters, circumstances, and dances with darkness within the undertones of Asian culture and folkloric traditions. At Dusk provided a harrowing view into a romantic relationship that eventuated into death and loss via drowning and self-hatred. Vivid descriptions of folkloric characters, ghouls, ghosts, and letters from beyond the grave gave a gritty realism to the plight of human relationships, and their woeful climaxes.

Bill Allender gave a calming, yet spectral vocal deliverance of these stories that allowed the listener to explore the details and draw their conclusions without the coaxing of an overly zealous horror narrator. Allender's timbre and vocal performance created a canvas for the supernatural, despaired humans, and love affairs from the world of spirit to take the reader out of their reality and experience the darker side of life for a bit. Narrations of this quality are in short supply, and hopefully, this talented narrator will create more memorable audiobooks in the future.

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