White Crow

Written by John W. Wood ⎮ Narrated by Stephen Floyd

Author: John W. Wood
Narrator: Stephen Floyd
Length: 8 hours
Series: The House of Crow, Book 1
Publisher: John W. Wood
Released: January 10, 2019
Genre: Historical Fiction

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Becky's Review

4 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, John W. Wood, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, John!

I like Westerns, but my husband loves them. We’re both readers, but we so rarely agree on genres that White Crow was a great opportunity for a joint listen. We both enjoyed this atmospheric tale as well as the chance to listen together.

This start to the House of Crow series is a bit of a slow burn type story, yet it doesn’t feel like it drags. In fact, the pacing works well for introducing the reader to the characters and the setting. It does go back and forth between past and present, which also works well for this book. John W. Wood does give us chapter titles as well as lead ins for timeline changes, which is a big plus. The sections that go back in time kind of feel like we’re hearing memories rather than just another part of the story. I don’t know whether that is due to the way it’s written or the way Stephen Floyd reads it, but either way, it resonates.

John W. Wood certainly knows his stuff when creating atmosphere and painting a scene. The details made it easy to picture everything taking place as well as the land and its people. As I mentioned, this is a slow burn, and while it is a slower pace than I expected, we do still get some action along the way. It feels more character driven, but the time and place wouldn’t have worked nearly as well without a bit of action and danger.

Narration Review

The narration and sound quality for White Crow was very good. I didn’t notice any distortions or static, and I think Stephen Floyd’s performance here fit this story perfectly. He also did a good job with the accents, which is something I’m rather picky about. A bad accent can be jarring and ruin an otherwise good listen, but Floyd’s worked wonderfully with Wood’s characters, and the story just flowed.

All in all, White Crow is an entertaining listen and a solid start to what looks to be a promising series. I would say that anyone who enjoys a good Western or even historical fiction would enjoy this one quite a lot.

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