Rock Solid

Written by Lisa A. Olech⎮ Narrated by Anthony Lee

Author: Lisa A. Olech
Narrator: Anthony Lee
Length: 7 hours 25 minutes
Series: Stoddard Art School, Book 2
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Released: Jun. 22, 2020
Genre: Women's Lit

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Willow's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its narrator, Anthony Lee, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Anthony!

Rock Solid undoubtedly is more than a romantic novel; it is a story paved with the timely intricacies of life blended with an array of human emotions and the complicities of relations romantic and platonic.  Author Olech has a profound literary talent for writing romantic scenes with ample detail to keep the reader enthralled, yet classy with well-written descriptive details to convey the acts of copulation without eventuating as distasteful. Narrator Anthony Lee did a phenomenal job vocally adjusting with each of the characters' accents, tones, and vocal registries—throughout the book, it was easy to distinguish which character was speaking.  The combined talents of Author Olech and Narrator Lee are outstanding and balance each other's literary and vocal abilities.

The characters of Rock Solid are well-described with personality traits, and their idiosyncrasies were woven through the story that added another layer of depth and connection with the reader. Maximo Vega "The Sculptor for the New Generation," the ideal specimen of a dashingly handsome Italian man with a physique comprised of dream qualities rarely found in real life—will surely entice the readers' interest to continue reading and hope for a third novel in the future. His character, talent, and love affair with the lovely Emily Baskins, a graduate from Stoddard School of Art, received an internship at the Vega Studio by an act of fate.

Shortly after the start of Emily’s internship, she and Max were romantically drawn to each other like magnets without either having the strength to resist the pull. The attraction started when Emily and Max worked late night hours sculping together, and both gained a new love of art and for each other. Max believed Emily was his muse, sent from the divine to guide his work. Hence, a messy love triangle was birthed. Will Emily stay? Can Max live a lie? Many questions and multiple characters were affected via the love triangle that could crush Max's fame hood and squelch Emily's career before it began.

I sincerely hope there will be a third book in this series. Rock Solid has beautiful characters, excellent writing, and highly entertaining romance novel!

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