Losers Gallery

Written by G.J. Prager ⎮ Narrated by Brian Callanan


Author: G.J. Prager
Narrator: Brian Callanan
Length:  8 hours and 11 minutes
Publisher: Shelly Hickman
Released: August 04, 2020
Genre: Crime Thriller

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Willow's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, G.J. Prager, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, G.J.!

Losers Gallery is more than listening to a novel; it embarks on a crime-filled adventure with protagonist Robert Klayman. His resume sported a litany of both legal and illegal jobs, which created a character of great depth and intrigue. Klayman was a former Los Angeles private investigator; shortly after a prison sentence for gunplay on his last PI job Klayman found himself drowning in poverty and living a life with little purpose.

After a bit of cajoling from a few less than savory characters, Klayman was traveling across the world to Eastern Europe to pursue a rare Rembrandt painting. Snowed covered and smile-free, Ukraine Klayman was the target of many ladies seeking his attention for less than honest reasons and several angry gangsters in tow. After many harrowing experiences in Eastern Europe's cold and foreboding world, Klayman found himself in South American with another host of issues that few could imagine.

Throughout Losers Gallery, Klayman's hard exterior falls away, and his softer side is divulged with brief mentions of his ruminations on life, love, and where he wanted to be. The women he pursued and the women who pursued him. Klayman may have been a cold-hearted PI, but his human side is present as well. Arguably, these aspects of this novel humanized his character and gave the reader another lens to view the anomalous character known as Robert Klayman.

Brian Callanan's expertise and vocal talents combined created a seemingly believable performance that will entertain the listener with impeccable vocal variations that give each character a voice of their own. Callanan's voice is the perfect blend of smoky with a hint of Whiskey—husky with a touch of charm. His voice made this listening experience more than an audiobook—Losers Gallery was comparable to the theater.

Author G.J. Prager has done a brilliant job of writing a P.I. story fused with an array of experiences crime, humor reality, pain, sadness, that together construct the rawness of the human spirit.

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