Written by Lynn McLaughlin⎮ Narrated by Nancy Peterson, Jeremy Gilmer

Author: Lynn McLaughlin
Narrators: Nancy Peterson, Jeremy Gilmer
Length: 3 hours 17 minutes
Publisher: Audio Sorceress
Released: Dec. 22, 2020
Genre: Fiction

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Willow's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Lynn McLaughlin, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Lynn!

Jackson by Lynn McLaughlin is raw with Jackson's emotional ups and downs, a young man grappling with the diagnosis of Anxiety and several of its destructive symptoms through his late teens and early 20s. His mother and father, June and Craig, are invested in helping their son regain his mental well-being and were immensely supportive of his recovery. Although a heavy read, it provided the reader with real education about programs in the UK that assist patients with mental health issues.

The book was portrayed via the vocal talents of Jeremy Gilmer, who provided a deep and emotive presence that poignantly captured the voice of a young man suffering from immense Anxiety and mental anguish. Nancy Peterson's narration of Jackson's careworn mother June, who was chronically ill and a pillar of strength for her son, was a testament to the eternal nature of a mother's love. The combined talents of both narrators added a level of organic realism to the plight of this emotional tale with their emotive vocal performances and attention to give proper credit to the gravity of the characters that they narrated.

Anxiety affected nearly every aspect of Jackson's young life, from stressors at school and work to falling for a toxic girlfriend and frequent thoughts of suicide. Jackson's life was comprised of daily tasks becoming Anxiety inducing and laborious. Anything could become a trigger for a panic attack, or worse, a hospitalization followed by a litany of pharmaceuticals.

Comparative contrasts are embedded within the chapters of this book, the profound power of familial love via the healing journey Jackson's mother embarked on along with her son. Both found the ability to create quality boundaries to sustain a quality mother and son relationship in adulthood—also, the contrast harrowing polarity of the sterile hospital walls and frightening side-effects of prescriptions.

To those that would like to learn more about Anxiety and other mental illnesses, this book could help educate the reader about the daily struggles of those with mental illnesses and the forms of treatments available. Also, for those who have family or friends dealing with mental health issues, reading Jackson could aid one to cultivate empathy and knowledge to help provide better support and understanding.

Indeed, the sequel The Journey to New Salem will be a welcomed read after finishing the fastidiously page-turning The Witches of Vegas. Also, these novels are high-quality books that will be a welcomed addition to the ever-expanding world of Y.A. paranormal/urban literature.

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