10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey

Written by Jason Rosette ⎮ Narrated by Jason Rosette

Author: Jason Rosette
Narrator: Jason Rosette
Length: 4 hours and 49 minutes
Publisher: Camerado Media
Released: Jan. 22, 2020
Genre: TV & Film

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Willow's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Jason Rosette, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Jason!

Author and Narrator Jason Rosette have brilliantly shared his experiences as a "bootstrapping" filmmaker in the late 1990s and early 2000s in pursuit of creating the film Book Wars. The film captured the daily struggles and lifestyles of New York City's booksellers sequestered in outdoor stands with gritty authenticity and realism. Not only was Jason a filmmaker, but he was also a determined entrepreneur who struggled for many years to see his dream to completion. Via tenacity Jason endured many financial hardships setbacks, each time life threw him a curveball, Jason found a creative way to combat those challenges and continue on his path. He also shared bits of hilarity from DIY film equipment and odious characters he met along the way—his vocal narration gives brio and believability to his anecdotal accounts for those flagrant characters.

10,000 Miles to Go is not only about the journey of a filmmaker and his quest to succeed, Jason also gave advice for those who are pursuing an unorthodox path in the world of the arts or a dream that is not a straightforward path to success. Jason's enthusiasm for entrepreneurialism, coupled with his life experiences, created a motivational audio experience for the listener. Jason has a calm, yet assured cadence to his vocal abilities that render this to be more than a novel; it is a motivational book as well, peppered with real-life scenarios that one can apply to his or her unique situation or dream in pursuit. Artists, dreamers, and entrepreneurs alike will surely find reassurance in Jason's story and, most likely, a bit of motivation as well.

Jason did complete the film; he managed to find various ways to air the movie via Television networks both in the US and abroad. Since the film has developed a bit of a "cult" following in the US and pockets of Europe.

The only bit of criticism held for 10,000 Miles to Go was the fact that throughout the book, a few minor grammatical and syntax issues did subtract from the overall listening experience. Also, the narration is well done but does become a bit flat simply because there are not any sounds effects, simply the author's voice throughout the book.

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