Written by Errin Stevens⎮ Narrated by Sean Posvistak

Author: Errin Stevens
Narrator: Sean Posvistak
Length: 8 hours and 37 minutes
Series: The Mer Chronicles, Book 1
Publisher: Errin Stevens
Released: Apr. 20, 2017
Genre: Romantic Fantasy

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For Kate Sweeting, love isn't in the air. It's in the water.

Since her father died, Kate Sweeting’s home life has been in the pits, her well-being on life support. Her future looks desolate until she and her mother, Cara, make another plan: abandon their shriveled existence for more promising prospects on the coast, where Cara can play small-town librarian-bachelorette, and Kate can figure out that secretive Blake family from the beach.

Everyone is eerily captivated with Kate and her mother, and Cara is the first to figure out why when the man of her dreams arrives all dripping and devoted and closed-mouthed about what he intends. Kate is willing to go along with their subterfuge for a while, but eventually makes a charge for the water to learn what her mother is hiding.

Gabe Blake is there waiting for her...and so is someone considerably less friendly. By the time Kate navigates her way home, everything will have changed for her - what she feels, what she wants, and what she’ll risk to be with the man she loves.

Alyssa's Review

4 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Errin Stevens, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Errin!

I’ve had a hard time putting this book into words. Please don’t mistake this for any dislike. I loved this book. It was very complex though. Hopefully through my review you can understand better in what ways I felt this and also find that this book is worth reading because of its complexity.

Updrift is exactly what I love in a book. The book had so many experiences that took the reader on a wild ride. The characters are beyond complex. Their personalities show so much growth throughout the book. I will admit I really wanted to shake Kate a few times. She does get a bit dense at times. I think the hardest part of this book is knowing what’s going on with Gabe but waiting for Kate to catch up.

Errin Stevens did an amazing job writing this book. There were a few parts that I felt were rushed, however this book is very complex as I previously said. Sean Posvistak did a great job narrating the story as well. I can’t recall many hiccups. I think my audiobook repeated a few sentences, but I don’t know if that was the narrator or simply the production process. The recording was still a winner for me even with this minor issue. Overall the book is great throughout, however I wish it had been written from a first person POV because I feel it would have given us a deeper relationship with the characters.

If you love a book with complex characters that give you quite the adventure, Updrift is definitely a book for you. I am super excited to read the second installment. Believe me when I say this story will pull you in so many directions that you will fall in love with. I hope you enjoy this story as I have. Updrift is probably one of the most realistic fantasy style books I have read in a long time.

Meet the Author: Errin Stevens

Errin Stevens writes paranormal romantic suspense stories from her home in Minnesota. When not wrestling with unruly narrative - or reading literary and commercial fiction like a fiend - you’ll find her poring over seed catalogues (winter) or gardening (the other three days of the year).

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