The Way

Written by David Marks⎮ Narrated by David Marks

Author: David Marks
Narrator: David Marks
Length: 1 hour 3 minutes
Publisher: Peaceful Dragon Press
Released: Mar. 26, 2021
Genre: Philosophy

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The Way is a refreshing, rhyming new version of an ancient Chinese guide to leading a harmonious life. The author has immersed himself in a lifetime of philosophical studies and a career producing historical documentary films for the BBC and PBS. His broad experience has been applied to developing this English language adaptation of The Way; distilling the meaning and essence of the original.

This concise treatise presents a world view that corresponds with the essential foundations of many spiritual and philosophical teachings. With its emphasis on humility and compassion as elements for improving the quality of life, it is also one of the most ancient and enduring guides to balanced living. There is universal agreement that the original text encourages contemplation, and this version is certainly open to further interpretation and application, inviting listeners to explore their own reactions to the concepts. As the planet faces ongoing challenges, and individuals struggle with finding their path, The Way provides an insightful and creative perspective with practical solutions.

Piercing through the veil of language, Lao Tzu's message is illuminated in this new version; understanding our place in the natural order is integral to establishing our equanimity and good health, and by extension, creating a better world for everyone.

Meet the Author: David Marks

David Marks has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a background in Asian philosophy.

In addition to writing, he is a documentary filmmaker and investigative reporter. David produced some of the BBC’s most widely viewed documentary specials including Nazi Gold, on the role of Switzerland in WWII, and revelational biographies of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra. He has also produced and directed two independent documentaries; Coronation in the Kingdom of Tonga and In the Cobbler’s Shoes, honored as a Mill Valley Film Festival selection.

Some of his other interests include organic farming, sustainable home design and construction, and plant-based gastronomy.

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