The Secrets of Mead

Written by Michaela James⎮ Narrated by Agnes McCreath

An English Village Mystery

Author: Michaela James
Narrator: Agnes McCreath
Length: 6 hours and 15 minutes
Publisher: LW Media Group Ltd
Released: Jan. 10, 2020
Genre: Modern Detective; British Myster

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Mead’s new detective Craig Monroe discovers that idyllic cottages, stunning countryside, and quintessential garden parties are a facade for something dark and sinister. Solving a local doctor’s murder intensifies when Mead’s inhabitants prove to be complex, quirky, and cantankerous.

A veteran detective, Monroe is not surprised by motives of revenge, lust, and betrayal...but here’s something bigger. Something buried so deep that Craig may never uncover the truth.

One thing is certain: The village is harboring many secrets - some sad, some sordid, and some decades in the making.

What are the residents of Mead hiding, and how is it possible for one small village to have so many secrets?

Can detective Craig Monroe determine who killed Doctor Jude Ryland, and in doing so, will he discover the secrets of Mead?

Sophia Rose's Review

4.5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Michaela James, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Michaela!

A village roiling with secrets bubbles over the body of the quiet doctor is discovered and the newest village resident, their detective inspector, Craig Monroe, isn't convinced that it was suicide. As a lover of the darker village murder mysteries, I was well primed to try out a new author and narrator and it wasn't long before I was so engaged in The Secrets of Mead that I didn't want to interrupt my listening pleasure.

Craig thought to leave big city crime behind and enjoy the bucolic countryside. He is curious about the villagers and particularly a certain sunny, cheeky midwife. Little does he know that the whole village is keeping secrets and they are layers deep.

I enjoyed encountering all the village characters and getting to know both Craig and Syd as the narrators. Craig has good policing and people skills and he needs it to deal with this case, but I loved how things sparkled when he and Sydney got to spend time together even though I was so curious what she was keeping from him.

I thought it was fascinating getting to know the murder victim entirely through the witness statements and memories of others. There are plenty of suspects and just as many motives it seems. Then the reveals start and it was interesting getting my early impressions turned on their ear and my opinions of some of the characters went through drastic changes. The author did great hiding the solution until the end. The motive and what lay behind so many secrets was something I hadn't encountered more than peripherally so I was fascinated and learned a great deal while appreciating a well-written murder mystery.

The narrator, Agnes McCreath, did a delightful job with the story and the characters. She enhanced what was already good. I got to know the characters more intimately and engaged with their backstories and the current situation so much more. I definitely want to listen to more of her work. The production was first class as well.

All in all, The Secrets of Mead was fabulous and I want to experience more of the author and the narrator's works. Mystery fans who love village settings should definitely give this one a go.

Meet the Author: Constance Squires

Michaela lives in Northern Nevada with her husband and two sons. Originally from England, she loves watching great movies while drinking endless cups of tea and eating too much chocolate. To balance this pastime she practices yoga and plays tennis.

For almost a decade, Michaela's been an on-air personality for a local radio station, 96.1 BOB FM in Reno, Nevada. She also does voice work, including the narration of twenty audio books available from

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