The Never: A Tale of Peter and the Fae

Written by Don Jones⎮ Narrated by Kristina Fuller Yuen

Author: Don Jones
Narrator: Kristina Fuller Yuen
Length: 8 hours and 49 minutes
Publisher: Don Jones
Released: June 24, 2020
Genre: Fantasy

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When the ancient Under Hill home of the Fae is infected with the Rot, they're left with an unpleasant choice: Die in one last, great stand, or escape to the Human world. A world they once knew, but where they no longer belong. A modern world, where Cold Iron surrounds and poisons magical beings.

The Fae Queen reluctantly chooses exile, and she and her people abandon their magical castles, ancient glens, timeless forests, and centuries of power and tradition. They come into a bleak land bereft of magic and wonder, and begin to hunker down in the Human world's hidden places. The once-proud Fae resentfully begin a life of poverty, anonymity, and fear.

But one small group of Fae, accustomed to tinkering with the fabric of the universe, begin to develop an idea. An idea that will either give them a new world to live in, or wipe them completely from existence. An idea that could preserve them, or end them forever. An idea that requires the help of a young child's boundless imagination. An idea that will take them into the Never, a place forbidden and inimical to their kind.

It's a story that you think you know, but you've only ever heard a small part of it. A story that starts long before those three children flew in, and that has its epic conclusion long after they've gone.

Willow's Review

5 Stars

This audiobook was provided by its author, Don Jones, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thanks, Don!

Never is a whimsically captivating audiobook loosely based on the original tale of Peter Pan. Comprised of new characters and tidbits of the original story woven together created a tapestry of fairy inspired fantasy. Author Don Jones has a writing style that could foster a sense of wonder within the readers’ journey. His ability to breathe new life into a familiar children’s classic coupled with extraordinary storytelling capabilities and polished English usage do provide the groundwork for a potential bestseller. Also, Jones had a profound talent for character building and providing awe-inspiring descriptions of the Fae and their worlds. Each detail was well contrasted with the other elements within the story—the intricate lives of the fairies are alive with magic.

Tumultuous trauma evaded the lush land of the Fae with an ever-powerful all-destroying “the rot” that caused the Fae to make a harrowing decision to exit their beloved ancestral home and live among the human world or remain and face death. Upon their sadden arrival to the human world, the Fae soon learned that cold iron nearly everywhere in the human world was highly detrimental to their health. The Fae beings were living in, and many were forced into poverty due to the dangers of the human’s rules.

In efforts to combat the issue of facing possible extinction, a group of fairies brilliantly created the idea of using the endless creative freedom of a child’s mind to bridge the gap to another world called “never,” and this reckless act spurred by happenstance and sustain by hope was precisely what the Fae needed for a chance at survival.

Throughout the audio experience, Narrator Kristina Fuller Yuen employed changing her vocal pitch and speaking pace to best match the character’s demeanor. Yuen’s attention to detail and intuitive reading style add a theatrical essence to Never. The combined talents of Jones and Yuen have created a memorable reading/listening experience.

Meet the Author: Don Jones

Don Jones has written more than 80 technology books in his 20+ year career, and finally decided it was time to sit down and write all the fantasy and sci-fi stories that have been roaming around his head. Don shuttles between Las Vegas and Southern Utah, depending on the weather.

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