The Exodus

Written by David Fairchild⎮ Narrated by Jacqueline Rendell

Author: David Fairchild
Narrator: Jacqueline Rendell
Length: 21 hours 22 minutes
Publisher: Four Doors Publishing LLC
Released: Apr. 28, 2021
Genre: Science Fiction; Dystopian

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A girl who feels nothing; a boy who sees shadows and hears what others cannot; a baby without license to be born; a deaf teenager and scientific savant; offensive people; a general who passed law to hunt, imprison, and kill them all.

Where do they hide when the sub-nations of the United States draw their own lines in the ground that dictate which people get to be oppressed and who gets to be offended?

The Salvo Cartel built the tunnels to help them escape, to aid those with mental ailments, those who question, those who refuse to conform, gays, Christians, artists, people with scruples, and other deviants.

Do they flee to Salvo's underground cities, with eyes set on a grander safe place?

Where do they go when Lady Liberty douses her light?

Perhaps the same place she's been pointing her torch towards ever since she stepped atop her pedestal and realized at once that one day she, too, would be told to shut up.

Meet the Author: David Fairchild

David Fairchild enjoys helping others discover and develop their voices through writing and perspective in his classrooms. He is the author of the award-winning book The Exodus; He has penned the Circle of Dogs series and writing self-help books such as Where's the Blood.

He is a strong believer that the greatest harm we can do to society is let others make us feel ashamed of what we have to say and then allow them to keep us from saying it.

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