Strike Point

Written by John Etterlee⎮ Narrated by Charles Robert Fox

Author: John Etterlee
Narrator: Charles Robert Fox
Length: 8 hours and 40 minutes
Series: Roger O'Neil, Book 2
Publisher: John Etterlee
Released: Aug. 20, 2020
Genre: Thriller


The threat of nuclear war...

One team sent to stop it...

And a ruthless assassin who will hunt them to the ends of the Earth...

CIA operative Roger O'Neil goes deep undercover in Russia and teams up with a group of SAS soldiers amidst a growing nuclear threat against America and a ruthless killer stalking them from the shadows.

Former US army ranger Roger O’Neil is living quietly on his Montana ranch with his family, raising horses and teaching his children to appreciate the simple life. With his horrid past behind him, he wants nothing more than to live the American dream. But, that dream will come at a high price.

America is at the brink of war with Russia. Roger is pursued by a mysterious agent and reluctantly recruited into a new CIA clandestine unit. Sent undercover into the heart of Moscow as a Canadian tourist, Roger slowly begins to unravel the biggest international conspiracy committed by any country since the Cold War.

After a raid on a sleeper cell in downtown London, British Special Forces collect evidence that points them straight to Russia's nuclear weapons program and their cooperation with the CIA.

With tensions rising to a boiling point, Roger and the SAS find themselves directly in the middle of an impending nuclear war between the East and the West.

And, a shadowy Russian assassin hot on their trail.

As the Russian leadership continually taunts the American president, and with fear among the public at an all-time high, can they defeat the most lethal contract killer in Russia and prevent an attack on American soil in a deadly game of nuclear chess?

Or is this the beginning of World War Three?

Meet the Author: John Etterlee

John Etterlee is a thriller author and retired U.S. Army combat Veteran. Born in Augusta, Georgia, he joined the United States Army in 2001, shortly after the attacks of September 11th, and served multiple tours overseas before being medically retired in 2013. Having been to many countries, the Army really opened his eyes to different cultures around the world and inspired many of the books that he has in the works.

John now lives in North Carolina with his wife Elizabeth, whom he met while stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State in 2011, along with a few furry kids. He studies the German language, and enjoys traveling, especially to Europe, and meeting new people. Feel free to drop him a line anytime! Vielen Dank!

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