Finding Home

Written by K.L. Humphreys⎮ Narrated by Steve Campbell & Sarah Puckett

Author: K.L. Humphreys
Narrators: Steve Campbell, Sarah Puckett
Length: 9 hours and 28 minutes
Publisher: K.L. Humphreys
Released: Oct. 30, 2020
Genre: Romance

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How do you go home when home is gone?

I’ve paid my dues for protecting someone I love. In return my family, my life, and my freedom - all have been taken from me.

When a friend calls in a favor, I go from having a job and a place to live.

A fresh start brings something more - a woman who brings out my protective instincts. She's been hurt - it's written all over her.

There's one thing for sure, I want her. And I vow that nothing will ever harm her again.


I've hit rock bottom, and I've slowly climbed my way back up. Now, I keep myself locked away. It's easier than letting people in and telling them about that night.

I live my life in the shadows because happiness is something that I can't have.

I keep my pain where it belongs, in the past. I keep my secrets buried deep down. Now, my past is colliding with my future, and I'm not sure how I'm going to survive.

But in the midst of the darkness is a shining light: Trent. Sometimes, you find home in the place you least expect it.

Meet the Narrator: Steve Campbell

My first priority is to convey your thoughts and ideas in an entertaining and insightful manner; not distracting from your message, but enhancing your words. It is my personal goal to help your audience engage with the text in an immersive and memorable way.

As a techie with a passion for performance and a love of the written word, the voice-over industry called to me. I am now fortunate enough to be living my dream of audiobook narration from my home studio, in Calgary, AB, Canada.

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