Chicken Wire and Duct Tape

Written by Tina Jordan⎮ Narrated by Jodi Grochal

The Fine Lines Between Love and Death

Author: Tina Jordan
Narrator: Jodi Grochal
Length: 1 hours 54 minutes
Publisher: Tina Jordan
Released: Jul. 29, 2021
Genre: Poetry

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In her third volume, Tina Jordan explores the depths of the heart in moments and moods that reflect upon love and death. With poignant pieces that touch the heart and narrative epic style poetry, the author pulls the listener into each scene as it unfolds.

Meet the Author: Tina Jordan

I write from the heart, the heart of a dreamer, that is. Having dedicated many years to dream research and coaching, I find inspiration in the dreams that fill my sleeping hours and the romantic and outrageous notions that enter my mind throughout the day. From mythical creatures and spirit encounters to poignant moments of laughter, love and death, my verses are colored with experiences that I claim as my own, and those that I am certain must belong to other souls along their journey through this magical existence we call life. My latest book of "moments in verse", The Blue Wind's Return, is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

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