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The title(s) you submit here will be presented to potential reviewers for consideration in a weekly newsletter that goes out to thousands. Reviewers are asked to post an honest review of your title within 6 weeks of selection. Please note that Audible reviews can only be left for Audible exclusive titles.

This is a concierge service, aimed at easing the task of review solicitation and code distribution. Selection does not guarantee a positive review. We also cannot guarantee when, or even if, your title is reviewed. However, we can guarantee that your title will be offered to a large mailing list of audiobook reviewers and that codes will be distributed to those interested in it. This is all that is within our control (and all that would be in your control, if you were the one doing it).

Reviews garnered using this service will not be posted on the Audiobookworm Reviews website, but on audiobook retail sites (i.e. Audible, if applicable).

This service is only available every six months, per title. We reserve the right to decline this service, based solely on our discretion. We also require and provide an FTC disclosure statement to be included in the review. This is nonnegotiable.

Due to high demand, we are currently limiting the number of titles accepted for this service each week.

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